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A Bit About eCommerce Website

An eCommerce website is a type of web design where products or services are meant to be sold. eCommerce websites began in the early 1990’s with the launch of the first navigation browser. Prior to that, online shopping existed but it was not until 1994 that an eCommerce website could be viewed by the customer.

So what is a good eCommerce website composed of? A good eCommerce website is made up of the online shopping cart, the actual web design, graphics, payment gateways and shipping gateways. An online shopping cart for a good eCommerce website must be able to streamline the purchase process efficiently; allowing customers add to and remove form the eCommerce website shopping cart easily. Payment gateways have to be set up during the eCommerce website process to handle the payments, especially by credit card as that is the number one medium of purchase for eCommerce website. Shipping gateways have to be installed also to allow for delivery of the products being purchased on the eCommerce website.

A good eCommerce website should be able to able to properly convey what the website is selling in one glance. Although design is not a priority of eCommerce website, it is beneficial to have a good, clean and presentable eCommerce website. This allows the user to easily navigate the homepage on the eCommerce website and figure out what products they have in stock. This is important in eCommerce website especially since most of the traffic to the website would be first time users. Also, site navigation is very important as most eCommerce websites have a huge catalogue of products and categories making it really easy to get lost on the website. Therefore, a good eCommerce website must have a reliable site map.

One very important feature that a good eCommerce website should have is a secure online payment processing. This can be achieved through the use of SSL certificates. SSL certificates are digital certificates issued by certification authorities to eCommerce websites to build trust in their customer base. SSL certificates provide secure communication for eCommerce website across the internet. An SSL certificate can also encrypt data being sent from the customer to the eCommerce website, and vice versa.

Finally, a good eCommerce website should allow for easy update of its database. Most times, a good eCommerce website would have an import/export feature. Also, since sales are going to be performed on the eCommerce website, a performance metrics analysis would also be an important feature to include in an eCommerce website.