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About Us

Way back in 1997, (seems like a lifetime ago) I was the Sales Manager for the 5th Largest computer reseller in the country and we were growing rapidly. We needed a good inventory program to track all the hardware and software we were selling. Well there was not one available that did what we needed to do so I learned how to create and program databases – specifically DB 3 and Filemaker Pro. That was a lot of fun! (NOT). Anyway in 3 months I had all our inventory, sales invoices and accounts payable & receivables all working in our new database. The company gave me a bonus $5000 which was great even though I was not expecting anything – of course I took it.

Then we needed a website. We tried several companies but again they could not deliver what we wanted. So I started learning how to build a web site and 3 months later we had the site we needed.

I realized that I enjoyed creating web sites and when new owners bought the company, I was interviewed by the CEO of the company purchasing the company I was working for. Actually we had a four hour Sunday Brunch at the Harbour Castle Hilton.

We exchanged views and philosophies on business and life and I soon realized he believed that there were two opinions to everything – his and the wrong one.

At the end of the meeting, he said that they would be drawing up a new contract for me.

I knew I could not work for this person, so I said “No, thanks”

Surprised, he asked “Why not?”

I replied “Because I don’t like you”, and I walked away.

Ever since then I have been in Web Development and Search Engine Optimization and I love it.

So do the people working with me.