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Book Reseller Website

Book Reseller Web Site Software


Shopping Cart

  • Shopping Cart Display: Your visitor’s shopping cart contents will be prominently displayed throughout their entire browsing experience. There will be prominent buttons displayed to allow them to update the cart contents, or to check out.  Order-Notification emails will be sent to you and to the customer.
  • Click & Fly Shopping Cart: Click any image of the product you want and it will "fly" into the shopping cart or remove it from the cart to the trash can.


User Functionality

  • Thumbnail Image w/ Short Description Product Browsing: Viewers will navigate by choosing a category and/or sub-category of products to view. They will then see a list of thumbnail images with corresponding short descriptions.
  • Create New Categories/Sub-Categories: You will be able to add new categories and sub-categories as you require them.


  • Search Function: Your visitors can type keywords into a search box within your site to quickly search for a desired item.  A list will come up showing items related to the search term. You can also search by actor, director, genre, etc.
  • Various Browsing Options: Browse by book category, by writer or publisher, by director.
  • Language Module: Supports many different languages at the click of a mouse.
  • Users Account Login: Users will be able to register with your site in order to view the status of both open and shipped orders, change personal information and account details, and subscribe/unsubscribe themselves to your newsletter.   Customers may also view their rental history at any time.
  • Browse Newest Releases: We will add a section to the home page that lists the newest items added to your product database. This section is automatically updated when you add new items.
  • Most Popular: Customers will be able to see which books are the most popular selections.
  • Featured Books: Flag selected books you want to promote as "Featured" - they will appear in a specially marked area of your website.
  • User Reviews: Customers will be able to write reviews on booksellers, and booksellers, etc.


Promotional Features

  • SpecialsYou can discount prices by a certain % or enter in the discounted price. Visitors to your site will then see the old price with a strikethrough, beside the new discounted price (i.e.: $30.00  $26.00).  In the administration area of your site, you can also specify a date when the special expires, which will then automatically return to displaying the original price of the item at that time.
  • Randomly Serialized Gift Certificates: You may offer gift certificates in any dollar increment you choose.  When a customer buys a gift certificate, they specify the email address of the friend they are buying for. Upon completion of the order, the gift certificates are sent to the friend's email address.
  • Randomly Serialized Coupons: You may issue coupons which can be redeemed by the customer.

Business Management Tools

  • Reports: There is a large range of reports available.  View reports for inventory rented and on hand, orders pending and shipped, most popular items, most frequently viewed titles, largest customers, etc. (Custom reports are quoted separately). 
  • Barcodes and barcode scanning for Each Book: Simplifies the receiving and sending out of stock. Also, track the status of individual copies of the same product. Important feature for ease of use.  Barcodes and serial numbers can be assigned to each copy of a title, allowing exact tracking of each copy.
  • Order Streamlining: Customer information and address can be generated directly from their customer profile, to allow for quick and easy fulfillment of orders, and ease administration time requirements.
  • Content Management System: You will be able to easily edit, add and delete the information pages on your web site such as Contact Us, About Us, etc. The number of pages you can create is unlimited! You have complete control of images and text color, size, etc. on these pages. Should you require a change at any hour of the day or night, you will be able to do it quickly and easy using the Page Content Editor that we have developed. Your changes will be immediate – no need to upload any files! You do not need any knowledge of any programming language. We provide the training for this – if you can use the basic functions in Microsoft Word – training will take about 5 minutes.
  • Easy to edit meta tags: Edit your meta tags to enhance your position in the Search Engines.
  • Localization and Reporting Tools: Languages, order status, products viewed, average visit times, top 10 frequent visitors, number of customer visits, etc.
  • Recurring Billing: (if required) Automatic account billing to a customer’s credit card. Customers may pre approve monthly or annual billing of their credit card; useful for subscriptions.
  • Track how customers heard about your website: Add a customizable drop-down field to the customer sign up form, to track where each customer heard about your site. This valuable marketing information can be maintained in the admin section of your site.
  • Payment Gateway:  Many different Payment Gateways Supported.
  • Sellers: Sellers can login to view their sales, how many times their books were viewed and they can edit their information
  • Buyers: Buyers can log in to view their purchases and manage their account.


Additional Features:


1.          Add an item for sale – one item at a time – includes bibliographic download

2.          Upload existing inventory file either directly in CSV or UIEE or through FTP

3.          Supports most popular upload formats such as Homebase

4.          Reports on Products (how many times searched, viewed, clicked on, added to shopping basket)