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Custom Graphic Design

 Custom Web Design for your Web Site

The look and feel of the graphic design for your web site is very important. 

If the design is atttractive then that is a bonus for you. It is very impotant to have a very clean and professional design.

A web site design that is cluttered or too busy will not only not look good but it will confuse the viewer as well because they may have difficulty finding what they want.

The design for your site should incorporate  your company colors and your logo. If you do not have one we can create one for you.

One of the mistakes many people make when they are having a custom design created is that they think that they are the most important person to please. While they are important, the visitor to the site is more important - keep that in mnd.

Considering that, when we create a custom design for our clients, we ask the client for 3 sites they like and then ask what do they like and what they don't like about them.

Then we create a design that for them. We ask for their input and work with them until we have the perfect design for their site.  

Here are some designs we've made - Click the images to enlarge them