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Ecommerce Website – Sales pt1

Sales all depend on your ecommerce website that will convert visitors into consumers. One thing is for sure a good ecommerce website connects the user to a product in an easy and fun way. There are three main steps to an ecommerce website when it comes to sales. The users must be able to navigate the ecommerce website with ease to the product they want. Your ecommerce website must display the product very well. Last but not least the ecommerce website needs to seal the deal with the user to the checkout progress.

Ecommerce website – Locating the Product

One of the main reasons users do not purchase is because of ecommerce website is not forward enough and users have a hard time finding the product they want. The best way to go with your ecommerce website is to go from the user’s point of view. For users that know what they are looking for, your ecommerce website has to be able to get them there in the least amount of steps possible. There are different types of shoppers all with their own challenges when it comes to a great ecommerce website.

The power shoppers know exactly what they want and don’t want to waste any time on your ecommerce website. For this kind of shopper the ecommerce website needs to have a advanced search bar so they can find their products quickly. Make the search bar very easy to find and easy to use to maximize the ecommerce website.

The recreational shoppers like to look around and spend a lot of time on shopping for experience. The ecommerce website has to be very visual for this kind of shopper. They like to compare prices and features therefore have a built in compare feature with your ecommerce website.

The reluctant shopper is the uncomfortable online shopper with less understanding of technologies and needs more guidance with your ecommerce website. To make this kind of shopper feel more comfortable with security, have some promising statements build in your ecommerce website. Also use ecommerce website to promote return and refund policies that will increase the chances that they will do business with you.