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Ecommerce Website – Sales pt2

Ecommerce Website – Product Display

When the user find the product they were looking for the clock starts ticking and your main goal is to utilize the ecommerce website to get the user to add to his shopping cart. There are many different components to an ecommerce website to get the user to commit to the purchase.

Deals make people feel like they went beyond finding the right product; therefore the ecommerce website should always have some sort of promotion or deal going on. The best ecommerce website deal of all time is the FREE SHIPPING. The best way to promote free shipping through an ecommerce website is to add a minimum purchase amount.

Reviews give you a social feeling like you are asking a previous customer about their experience with the product, which should always be part of your ecommerce website. A good ecommerce website is part of giving the users a place to speak and in the end what gets you more traffic and purchases. Positive reviews get you more sales, while negative reviews can help you improve your product. This ecommerce website will give your website more credibility and at the end of the day turns users into loyal customers.

Photos are human’s best friend when it comes to an ecommerce website for online shopping. The key component to a good photo for ecommerce website is having a distraction-free background. The goal to an ecommerce website product photo is to keep the customer focused on the product and not confuse him with other things in the background. Have one main picture for the product photo but also allow the users to view more photos if they wish, therefore making ecommerce website a successful one!

Price is quite important for ecommerce website because the shopper does not want to get confused or create an account on the website before knowing how much the product costs. Have the price showing clear in bold format to make sure that users know right away what the price is for the products they are looking at otherwise making the ecommerce website a poor one. Also when dealing with discounted prices makes sure your ecommerce website shows the previous price so the users know that they are getting a sweet deal.

Related products offer users other suggestions that give your ecommerce website a chance to showcase some products that wouldn’t get stumbled upon. Having the related products feature for a ecommerce website makes the users wonder around on your website until they find more things of interest.

Add to cart feature for ecommerce website has to be clear and easy to find for users to move on to their purchases. When going about ecommerce website keep in mind to use the keywords “Add to Cart” this is because that’s what people are used to nowadays. Use bold colours that are distinguish well with your ecommerce website and attract attention.

Closing the Deal

At this point the user has some products in his shopping cart but that doesn’t mean your ecommerce website is done yet. The checkout progress can be a little overwhelming for some users therefore it is crucial to have a good ecommerce website. Shopping is a fun experience but when it comes to spending the money not so much. You want the user to pass through the payment as quickly as possible, so here are some tips on how ecommerce website can help you with that.

Cookies are small amount of information that the website put inside the users web browser to remember the user. This helps the user be remembered for the next time they visit your website therefore making the users feel welcoming all leading up to great ecommerce website.

Instant chat is known to help customers when doing a ecommerce website for quick decisions and get tech help right there from a customer rep. The reps can also encourage users to complete purchases with comforting opinions and ideas.

One page checkouts are a great ecommerce website because the users don’t have enough patience to fill out form after form of information. More successful purchases will be processed if sticking with the one page checkout ecommerce website.

Follow up emails is a great way to create ecommerce website that can be used to let the customer know the checkout went through and keep them up to date with their product.

No registration will convert more users into consumers because people just don’t want to sign up for a useless account. Should defiantly use this great step towards good a ecommerce website.