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Specific Features of an Ecommerce Website

Professional eCommerce website development does not have to be difficult. However, if the site is going to be built correctly, there are features that must be included in a professional eCommerce website. While some professional eCommerce website features may be optional or extra, others are essential to the success of the business. Listed below are some of the features that must be included in a professional eCommerce website:

Customer login and registration
When a customer enters a professional eCommerce website, the professional eCommerce website developer should include an option for each customer to register his or her information. This registration process of the professional eCommerce website will keep the customer from having to re-enter all of their billing information and payment details again. This feature of professional eCommerce website will also give the customer the flexibility of quickly checking out.

Privacy Policy
The professional eCommerce website developer should also display a clear privacy policy link in the footer.

Delivery Information
The customer should always know how the products purchased from the professional eCommerce website are going to be delivered. This information is essential to the customer because they need an estimated time of delivery. The professional eCommerce website developer should also make sure that there is a field included in the professional eCommerce website that shows the name of the carrier.

Search Box
The professional eCommerce website developer should make sure the process is easy as possible, specifically for the customer. The professional eCommerce website feature should include a search box that will give the customer the capability of searching quickly through products offered.

Featured Products
The professional eCommerce website developer should leave room on the home page, specifically for feature product displays. This professional eCommerce website will give the customer information about their top selling items and other sales offers.

Newsletter Subscription
Another valuable area in a professional eCommerce website is providing an area for a newsletter subscription. These professional eCommerce website newsletters will keep people up-to- date with the company’s current promotions.

Product Zoom Features
Professional eCommerce website sites provide their customers with a feature that will allow the customer to zoom in and see the products in the professional eCommerce website better. In addition to getting a big picture, web designers should also provide the customers with details of the products within the professional eCommerce website, from the overall description to the smallest details.

Professional eCommerce website developers must create distinct categories on their professional eCommerce website so that the customer can view the company’s products by category.

Good Return Policy
Even when a buyer finds that perfect dress, pants or pair of shoes on your professional eCommerce website, there is a chance that they may not fit. In these cases, the buyers like good return policies and they must be included in the professional eCommerce website if the customer is going to feel comfortable with making purchases.

Good Navigation
The professional eCommerce website must be easy and simple to search through and navigate. In the professional eCommerce website, the person should not have difficulty getting to the areas that they need or want. Navigation is extremely important on an professional eCommerce website. This navigation should be intuitive to the users. If the professional eCommerce website is not easy to use, the customer may exit and never return.