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Free Website Software Shopping Carts

When it comes to using free website software when you put up an online store for your business you must know how efficient that software should be.  Free website software will usually allow you to access everything you require to begin selling your products online, without having had previous free website software experience before.  One of the best parts about free website software as opposed to a custom ecommerce website is obvious… it’s free!  And you get an instruction manual on all functions of the free website software.

Often jam-packed with features, free website software can make for a difficult decision, therefore, it is important to know that one of the key components of free website software is the online shopping cart feature. The online shopping cart packaged with free website software is a crucial piece of the puzzle, not only for product sales but also for marketing.

Why is an online shopping cart so important?
The online shopping cart that comes with free website software is crucial for plenty of reasons.  One being that the free website software online shopping cart allows customers to make purchases from your website. Free website software would have quite a difficult time selling products without an online shopping cart feature.

What features do online shopping carts have.
Online shopping carts in free website software comes with quite a few features, many for the sole purpose of making sales and others that are for promotion of products in the free website software.  Some notable features of an online shopping cart in free website software are the buy and add to cart buttons, checkout pages as well as the payment gateway for processing payments.  These features work in tandem from the product page to the finished purchase page of the free website software to allow the purchasing of items.

Online shopping carts in free website software also have promotional features many are not aware of. One promotional tool contained in free website software online shopping carts is a page for recommended items. When a customer reaches the checkout page of your free website software, some online shopping carts in free website software will have a place that recommends certain items based on the purchases of customer that have also purchased this item. This is a wonderful tool for free website software because it allows for the promotion and sale of other items that customer may not have otherwise known about.  The bonus points system is another promotional tool featured in free website software.  This system allows the free website software online shopping cart to give out points referrals and purchases made by the customer. This feature in free website software is very helpful because it entices customers to make more purchases from the free website software.

Payment Gateways
This is one aspect of online shopping carts that can vary greatly in different types of free website software. The payment gateway of free website software online shopping carts can be one of amongst hundreds available and each gateway will always have differeing meaning for the free website software.  For instance, one payment gateway in free website software may offer only payments from other accounts within that gateway, whereas others such as PayPal, would allow the free website software to accept multiple forms of payment, like credit cards.

All in all, the online shopping cart is a necessary feature of free website software, and without it, the whole point of using free website software would be considered moot, since the idea is for a quickly implemented ecommerce website to sell products and services.