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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why have we not heard of JSIWEBTOOLS before?We do not charge anywhere near the prices that SHOPIFY, VOLUSION and BIGCOMMERCE. Most, if not all the features they charge extra for, we include at no charge.
    We could charge more and advertise more – do you think we should?
  2. Do you provide phone support?Yes. We provide unlimited phone and e-mail support to all customers. To obtain phone support, simply call us at 1-866-233-0810 Anytime!
    You can also use LIVE SUPPORT to contact a support person.
  3. What will my customized web site look like?We can create a professional custom design. Our graphic designers have won awards for design and their talent is there for you.
  4. What about my domain name?You can a purchase a domain name from us or any other Domain name Reseller.
  5. How is the quality of a work guaranteed?Our design team is committed to the highest standards of quality. We make it our biggest priority for you to be completely satisfied by following an interactive improvement and feedback processes.
  6. How Good Are your designers?They have won awards for designing but the important thing is can they design a site that is great  looking and professional.and will impress the most important person – you.
  7. Are your web designs compatible with Search Engines?Of course. Our development team has a solid grasp on the inner workings of today’s popular search engines. Every web design is integrated with Search Engine Optimization features.. We include a manual that will help you promote your site using free services. We can also help in other ways – please ask us how?
  8. How much web site design done by your team would cost me?Website design is a customized solution for every client and for every need. So, based on your needs and technical complexity, the designing effort will be different. For a more general price information, we will be happy to provide you with a free quote. And you will be happy.
  9. What technologies are used for website design by your team?Jsiwebtools Web Design will the latest and best technoligies available.
  10. Which Databases are you comfortable with?Only the best ones out there, like SQL Server and MySQL.
  11. Is your team capable of creating a full-fledged site?Yes. Our web design and development teams are fully equipped to create highly complex and completely interactive web sites to your liking..Please ask us for same examples.
  12. Can the updates be done by the client?Yes. you can use the Content Manager so you can easliy update your content. You can add, edit or delete any of the content pages and also the same with your products. We include an illustrated manual to help you and of course – you can always call us!