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How We Do It

How can JSI Webtools afford to build you a professional eCommerce website at no charge?
There are two major components to a website:
(1) Coding – “the programming that makes the website work”
(2) Graphics – “look and feel or graphic design”
When we create the code for your site, if it is code that we have already have created and tested we use this code. Why re-create the wheel?
For example, we have created and debugged the code for a Newsletter Module; so, when a website needs a Newsletter Module, we simply copy and paste the coding and it works 100% conflict free.
So, all a client has to do is choose the functionality they want, and we input the coding – simple as that.
View our portfolio and you will see many different websites – they all use the same coding!  The only difference is the graphics…
The graphics are attached to a website with a (CSS) Cascading Style Sheet.  We offer many competitively priced options from templates, pre-designed layouts to custom designs. 
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